Senior Data Centre Administrator

Posted: ( 20 July, 2021, Lusaka)

Job Purpose

The Senior Data CentreAdministrator will maintain, monitor, secure and support the network andsystems infrastructure of the Data Center. The officer – will be in-charge of systemsprovisioning for clients and ensuring effective resource utilization. He willalso maintain, monitor, support and secure storage and cloud services.

Key Responsibilities

Storage Provisioning     

  • Provision Storage for Data Centre Clients.
  • Support Data Centre clients on Storage requirements andbackup services
  • Server Decommissions: ensure that all server storage iscleaned up and reclaimed after a server has been decommissioned or migrated.
  • Re-label SAN ports to show that they are no longer usedpost migration.
  • Maintain backups for all systems and client repositories.
  • Implement cloud technologies and monitor their performance.

Cloud Services Provisioning

  • Virtual machines provisioning
  • Implement Software and patch updates.
  • Support decommissioning efforts

Network Management

  • Implement security for all network nodes.
  • Monitor the operations of network links.

Customer Services         

  • Handle support calls and advise clients in customerfriendly manner.
  • Report on all matters affecting service quality.

Inventory Management

  • Maintain an up-to-date schedule of the equipment in thedata centre.
  • Maintain data on Client Equipment and all required attributes.

System Health Checks  

  • Perform basic daily and weekly system health checks toascertain system uptime.
  • Ensure compliance to privacy and security standards atall times.
  • Monitor the operations of servers, storage and otherclient nodes in order to ensure a high service uptime as per SLA metrics.

Incident Management System  

  • Update the incident management system with appropriateinformation whenever any incident occurs;
  • Resolve any relevant incidents


  • Provide periodical reports for all operations

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications and Experience

Full Grade 12 Certificate 

Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field

Member of EIZ or ICTAZ

Minimum of three (3) years of information technologyexperience with a focus on networks and telecommunications administration

Competencies required for this Role

  • Good knowledge ofVirtualisation
  • Good knowledge of StorageAdministration
  • Has extensive technicalknowledge in data centre operations
  • Applies broader knowledge ofstandards to work assignments
  • Enhances his/her technicalknowledge through continuous learning
  • Identifies problems/issues
  • Strength in networkinspections and cable management
  • Solves non-routine problems by independently applying judgment toestablished analysis and
  • standard approaches
  •  Integrates/evaluates multiple factors todevelop creative practical solutions
  • People Skills
  • Project Management
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to follow and strictlyadhere to procedures
  • Analytical thinking
  • Wide knowledge of risks andthreats;
  • Ability to prioritize risksand threats to network systems;
  • Ready to consult widely andefficiently and work as a team with other IT specialists;
  • Ability to quickly respond toany user query;
  • Quick learner, eager to leverage newtechnologies in a dynamic team environment

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