Operations Engineer

Posted: ( 24 January, 2023, Eastern)

Job Purpose

Managesthe operations and maintenance of telecommunication sites in the region toensure high network availability as set in performance targets and managed services SLA. The incumbent monitors and controls the activities of the managed services partners and takes corrective action as necessary.

Key Responsibilities

Problem and Incident Management        

  • Ensures 2nd level remote maintenance and restoration forpower systems is provided
  • Ensures technical and engineering expertise is provided toOperations teams along with guidance to identify, analyses and resolve complexpower problems

Health Checks and Backups         

  • Coordinate the housekeeping of ALL rectifiers, generatorsand battery rooms and perform check-ups on power loads of the respective areasof responsibility
  • Ensure the sites are always clean

Network Support             

  • Provide expert-level support to all transmission and powersystem preventive maintenance activities
  • Conducts Acceptance and provides Support for projectsactivities in the Region

Change Maintenance Support    

  • Monitors utilization of power resources and supervise changeactivities affecting power system capacity


  • Perform detailed analysis into negative trends and establishthe underlying root cause

Cost Management/Budget           

  • Carry out a thorough OPEX analysis and provide recommendationsinto areas of possible reduction


  • Prepare daily and weekly activity reports

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree in Telecommunications/Degree in Electrical &Electronic Engineering or equivalent

  • Member of EIZ with a valid Practicing Certificate

  • Valid ERB License

  • Minimum of 3 years relevant technical experience in thetelecommunication industry and expertise in DG and Cooling systems maintenanceand troubleshooting. DC power, UPS’, Rectifiers and Solar Solutions faulthandling

  • Should have a proven track record of solving very complexpower problems independently. The record should be in the form of arecommendation from a senior officer,contractor or supplier management

Competencies required for this Role

Key Knowledge

  • Has extensive technical knowledge in power engineering,power system design, implementation and electrical works
  • Good knowledge of power system diagnosis, optimization andupgrades of telecom equipment.
  • Applies broader knowledge of standards to work assignments.
  • Enhances his/her technical knowledge through continuouslearning
  • Fully proficient with Power Infrastructure Managementsystems

Key Skills            

  • Identifies problems/issues.
  • Strength in Commissioning, installation of telecom relatedelectrical works
  • Strength in quality inspection and site Audits andsupervision
  • Solves non-routine problems by independently applyingjudgment to established analysis and standard approaches.
  • Integrates/evaluates multiple factors to develop creativepractical solutions.
  • People Skills
  • Project Management
  • Communication skills

Key Attributes/Competencies     

  • Able to set own priorities.
  • Uses discretion to complete assignments.
  • Independently applies knowledge of technical practices andspecialty area standards.
  • Independently completes assignments.
  • Exchanges complex technical information
  • Provides guidance to others in work area breaking downinformation in a systematic/logical manner
  • Cultivates good peer working relationship

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